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Also, he's glad to answer any and all power washing questions that you may have.

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We're the best pressure washing service around when it comes to Concrete Cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Mar 18, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: PVC Vinyl Perimeter Fence Pressure Washing
Brief Explanation

When Was This Customer's Vinyl Perimeter Fence Last Cleaned?

This project involved us assisting a fellow Louisville native by pressure washing their vinyl perimeter fencing which surrounded their home.

This specific customer's fence had been long overdue for a proper pressure cleaning, especially since it hadn't been taken care of in roughly More Than 6+ Years Ago.

The entire pressure cleaning ended up taking about 2-3 hours and involved cleaning about 300 feet of roughly 6-foot tall fencing.

We sprayed down both sides and gave it a brief once over as well just to be sure no lingering particles or debris were anywhere left on it.

It's amazing just how drastic a simple cleaning can completely transform the entire look of a customer's property in a matter of only a few hours.

Once we were finished, their fence which previously looked green, grungy and worn out was now simply gleaming from our powerful cleaning solutions that always seem to satisfy again and again.

We're the best local service around that's able to help out with all your specific needs relating to Vinyl Fence Pressure Cleaning Knoxville, TN.

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Jan 9, 2019
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Front Church Exterior Pressure Washing
Brief Explanation

Why Were There So Many Stains On This Side Of The Building?

We were contacted by a small, local congregation regarding if we'd be able to help them out with pressure washing their main exterior.

This church building had been lacking in an extensive, in-depth cleaning for some time.

As a result, several brown, streaking water stains and splotches were scattered across the entirety of its surface.

More specifically though, this type of staining generally occurs on surfaces that lack in conventional water maintenance systems such as gutters or downspouts.

This holds true for older structures that don't have such modern exterior maintenance methods.

However, this is often the same case for more verticals surfaces such as large church faces, as in this case, billboards, concrete walls, and a series of other similar exterior types as well.

Once we arrived on the scene, we immediately went right to work in washing down this church's main worn-out front entrance.

We were able to finish this exterior pressure cleaning in no time and gave them additional guidance on how to better stay on top of keeping this particular surface clean.

As a whole, these customers were ecstatic to see this surface undergo a glorious transformation and couldn't have been more pleased to see the results of our professional pressure washing in action.

Be sure to reach out to us if you happen to be in the market for quality Church Pressure Washing Services within Knoxville, TN.

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Dec 20, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Exterior Concrete Wall Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

What Type Of Pressure Cleaning Service Category Would This Fit In?

Although this could technically be considered a "Residential" pressure cleaning, it was anything but residential in size.

This project involves us washing down the main exterior concrete wall of a gated community which the perimeter of was several hundreds of feet long.

The initial appearance of this wall was nearly rust colored in several places and had been long overdue for a thorough pressure washing to help get rid of all the excess muck and grime that had built up on it over the years.

Once we were finished, the customer who hired us was truly stunned at the total 180-degree transformation that this wall underwent thanks to our expert, professional know-how and pressure washing experience and quality cleaning equipment.

No matter how long or stained your surface may be, you can rely on us since we provide THE top Concrete Wall Pressure Cleanings in Knoxville, TN.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Dec 19, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Home Roof Pressure Cleaning And Soft Washing.
Brief Explanation

What Specific Pressure Cleaning Method Did We Use On This Roof?

We helped out a local Knoxville native by giving their home's roof a long overdue cleaning via soft washing.

Soft wash, to those who may be unaware, is a low-pressure cleaning method used in tandem with certain special cleaning solutions.

The process is able to safely removes mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, staining, and so on from roofs in a gentle yet effective manner.

Additionally, for our soft washes, instead of using our usual high-pressure washing kit we utilized our much more relaxed low-pressure one.

That way, there's no need to worry about excessive roof damage or shingles getting ripped off or anything of those sorts.

This recent project is just one example of how we're the #1 choice when it comes to Home Roof Pressure Cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Nov 28, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Driveway Power Washing & Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Is There Any Practical Purpose For Having A Clean Home Driveway?

Everybody knows that driveways are made up of concrete, but most tend to also overlook the fact that concrete is actually quite porous in its nature and makeup.

It freely and readily absorbs foreign materials and debris from its immediate surroundings such as oil stains, grass clippings, dust, pollen, and so on.

Over time, if not properly cleaned, the concrete that makes up a driveway can become small habitats that can conveniently begin to foster the growth of gunk and grime within it.

Hiring a professional pressure washing service, such as us, to come out and clean up your driveway will help to improve the overall aesthetic and lifespan of your concrete driveway.

It will also help to reduce possible accident risks such as slick slips and falls which are also major hazards if your dirty drive has progressively been neglected time and again.

No matter how small or large your driveway may be, you can rest easy knowing that we're the #1 choice when it comes to Driveway Pressure Cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Nov 26, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Siding Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Was This Customer Apprehensive At First About Our Service?

We recently helped out a local customer near the Knoxville, TN area who had been long overdue for a proper Home Siding Pressure Cleaning.

This customer had apparently never hired a professional pressure cleaning service, such as ourselves, to come out and clean up the exterior of their home's siding before.

In fact, one of their biggest worries was in our equipment using too much water pressure and potentially shattering through one of their main French, patio glass door entryways to the back of their home.

We quickly reassured them that we used specific nozzles for every project style and that each nozzle allowed us to precisely fine-tune our pressure washing capabilities as needed.

This allows us to clean thoroughly, without doing any unnecessary damage to the properties of our clients.

We even reassured them further since we're a Fully-Licensed & Insured pressure cleaning business.

So, even if a worst case scenario were to occur, they'd still have nothing to worry about since our company is legitimate for any and every circumstance.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Knoxville, TN
When: Nov 20, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Fence Pressure Washing & Cleaning
Brief Explanation

What Caused This Customer's Fence To Become So Grimy?

Having a grimy home fence is an all-too-common problem which can occur to exterior fencing when exposed to the outdoor elements for an extended period of time.

The process doesn't occur overnight, but rather across an extended period of months or even years of being exposed to extensive amounts of moisture, debris, dust and other outdoor particles.

This type of buildup is not only an eyesore for your home but can also compromise the overall integrity of other outdoor items such as patios, railings, and even furniture if left unchecked.

Although it's not present to the naked eye, even plastic materials such as this customer's white fence contain thousands upon thousands of tiny holes.

These hidden nooks and spaces are constantly collecting moisture, spores and other elements which are churning about within nature.

The longer such materials stay on and inside these tiny holes, the more unsightly and dirty your fence will become over time.

But thankfully, hiring a professional pressure cleaning service, such as ourselves, is all it takes in order to make any fence or outdoor surface bright and sparkly once again.

When be sure to give us a call since we're the best service around when it comes to Fence Pressure Cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

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1. But Is Our Cleaning Equipment Top-Tier?


Yesas a matter of fact it is!

We use only THE Best Pressure Cleaning Equipment on the Market which enables us to cut through the dirt and debris on concrete with both precision and power.

Time and again we're able to literally transform the way sidewalks, parking lots, industrial exteriors and driveways look on a consistent basis.

No matter how small or large your concrete surfaces me be, our pressure washing equipment has proven to be fully reliable and capable of handling any cleaning project that's thrown our way.

2. What Does Our Service Range Look Like?


AWOL Pressure Cleaning is based right here out of Knoxville, TN and proudly services the greater surrounding areas as well.

A few of these main areas include:

- Wooded Acres

- North Knoxville

- Maryville

- Fountain City

- South Knoxville

- Park City

- And Several Other As Well.

Not sure if we'll be able to come out to your dirty concrete though?

Simply give us a quick call to see if you're within our work range to help provide unparalleled pressure cleaning services to you.

3. Why Are We Amazing At Concrete Cleanings?


We're local pressure cleaners that are Officially Licensed & Insured to provide safe and effective services that you can count on.

Our entire staff is made up of professionally trained power washing technicians that know all of the ins-and-outs when it comes to cleaning any surface.

Additionally, all of our work is Fully Guaranteed as well, so you can rest easy knowing that our services are dependable no matter what the job may be.

And with Over 20 Years Of Pressure Cleaning Experience and 1,000's Of Satisfied Local Customers, what more could you be looking in an expert concrete cleaning service.

4. Any Other Project Types We Can Help Clean?


Our pressure washing service Knoxville's Favorite Go-To for all your concrete cleaning needs.

In addition to parking lots, sidewalks and driveways, we're able to pressure clean other common surfaces and projects such as:

- Home Exteriors

- Roof Soft Washes

- Commercial Exteriors

- New Construction

- Decks & Pools

- Schools & Store Fronts

- Stadium Seating

- And Much, Much More.

It's amazing how many surfaces need to be pressure washed from time to time.

And that's exactly why our service is here to help.